Bone Fluid Flow Workshop – Detailed Program

11th International Bone Fluid Flow Workshop


October 13-14, 2010 (Prior to ASBMR meeting)


University of Toronto Hart House,

7 Hart House Circle

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



  • To facilitate diverse interdisciplinary collaborations between biologists, engineers, material scientists, computer scientists, and clinicians for better understanding of bone pathology and tissue regeneration.
  • To exchange cutting-edge research progress and explore future directions in the field.

The organizing committee

  • Liyun Wang, PhD, University of Delaware (Co-Chair,
  • Lidan You, PhD, University of Toronto (Co-Chair,
  • Chris Price, PhD, University of Delaware (

The scientific committee

  • Yi-Xian Qin, Ph.D., Stony Brook University ( (Chair)
  • Steve Cowin, Ph.D., City College of New York (
  • Henry J. Donahue, Ph.D., Penn State College of Medicine (
  • Susannah Fritton, Ph.D., City College of New York (
  • X. Edward Guo, PhD., Columbia University (
  • Christopher Jacobs, Ph.D., Columbia University (
  • Jenneke Klein-Nulend, Ph.D., ACTA University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (
  • Shelly Weinbaum, Ph.D., City College of New York (

Local committee

  • Lidan You, PhD, University of Toronto (Chair,
  • Saja Al-Dujaili, University of Toronto (
  • Chao Liu, University of Toronto (


******************October 13, Wednesday***********************

12:30   Registration and Refreshment

1:10     Welcome Remarks

Lidan You, Ph.D., U Toronto

Session 1: Skeletal Biology (Music Room, Hart House)

Chairs: Drs. Jenneke Klein-Nulend and Hank Donahue

1:15     Lynda Bonewald

The Role of Mechanical Loading in Osteocyte Viability

1:45     Jane Aubin

Approaches of isolating and characterizing osteoprogenitors/MSCs

2:15     Morris Manolson

What human mutations have taught us about osteoclastic bone resorption

2:45     William Thompson

Perlecan/HSPG2 Helps Maintain the Pericellular Space of the Lacuno-Canalicular System Surrounding Osteocytic Processes in Murine Cortical Bone

3: 15    Coffee break

Session 2: Cellular physical environment (Music Room, Hart House)

Chairs: Drs. Steve Cowin and Liyun Wang

3:30     Henry Donahue

Adaptation to mechanical load in Cx43 deficient mice

4:00     Susannah Fritton

Effects of Reduced Estrogen Levels on Cortical Bone Microporosity

4:30     Yixian Qin

Enhancing mineralization and osteoblastic activity by fluid flow stimulation

5:00     John Frangos

Dynamic intramedullary pressure stimulates bone remodeling

5:30     Hai Qing

Lack of Osteocyte Perilacunar Remodeling with Unloading

6:30     Reception and Banquet (Faculty Club at 41 Willcocks St.)

Keynote address by

Edward Guo:”Research from Good to Great, a Grapevine Concept”



******************October 14, Thursday************************

8:00     Breakfast & poster set up

Session 2: Cellular physical environment (Continued) (Great Hall, Hart House)

Chairs: Drs. Susannah Fritton and Yixian Qin

8:30     Divya Sharma

Changes in the Interstitial Fluid Pathway Surrounding Osteocytes in Estrogen-Deficient Rats

8:45     Hiroshi Kamioka

Microstructure of Osteocyte Cell Processes and Surrounding Bone Matrix Revealed by Ultra-high Voltage Electron Microscopy Tomography.

9:00     Chris Price

In Situ measurement of bone fluid flow

9:15     Steve Cowin

Ramp Loading in Russian Doll Poroelasticity

9:45     Gaffar Gailani

Flow Through the Cement Line and Its Contribution to the Poroelastic Properties of Cortical Bone

10:00   Grant Goulet

Computational Analysis of Bone Fluid Flow

10:30   Coffee Break

Session 3: Mechanotransduction and cell-cell communication (Great Hall, Hart House)

Chairs: Drs. Ed Guo, Chris Jacobs, Sheldon Weinbaum, and Lidan You

10:45   Fred Pavalko

Fluid shear-induced mechanical signaling through focal adhesions in bone cells

11:15   Danielle Wu

Localized Changes in Cellular Conductance in Response to Quantifiable PicoNewton Level Forces Applied Using the Stokesian Fluid Stimulus Probe (SFSP)

11:45   Astrid Bakker

Role for nNOS in the Response of Osteoblasts to Mechanical Stimulation

12:00   Jean Jiang

Mechanistic Regulation of Cx43-hemichannels in Osteocytes in Response to Fluid Flow Shear Stress

12:30   Lunch Break & Poster Session (2hr)

A list of poster presentation is shown below

2:30     Ed Guo

Voltage-Sensitive Calcium Channels May Differentiate Intercellular Calcium Signaling between Osteocyte and Osteoblast Networks under Fluid Flow

3:00     Chris Jacobs

Cellular mechanisms of mechanosensing in bone

3:30     Jenneke Klein-Nulend

Intercellular Communication between Osteocytes and Stem Cells: Implications for Bone Tissue Engineering

4: 00    Coffee Break

4:15     Alayna Loiselle

Loss of Osteoblast-Osteocyte Communication Delays Fracture Healing in Cx43 Conditional Knockout Mice Indicating the Importance of Cellular Response to Fluid Flow in the Healing Process

4:30     Ronald Kwon

Osteocyte-Independent Mechanotransduction of Interstitial Fluid Flow

4:45     Johnny Zhang

The Role of the Sphingosine-1-Phosphate Signaling Pathway in Osteocyte Mechanotransduction

5:00     Shu Zhang

The Role of Primary Cilium and the Cytoskeleton in the Modulation of Ca2+ Influx

5:15     Award Presentation/Closing Remarks

******************* The List of Poster Presentations *******************

(Thursday, 12:30-2:30pm, Great Hall, Hart House)

Session 1: Skeletal Biology

Minyi Hu et al.

Effects of Dynamic Hydraulic Stimulation on Intramedullary Pressure Magnitudes and Trabecular Bone Alterations

Vincent Baro et al.

Effects of Fluid Flow on Indentation and Sliding Tests of Meniscus

Saja Al-Dujaili et al.

Osteocyte Apoptosis Directly and Indirectly Promotes Osteoclast Formation via Soluble Factors

Wing-Yee Cheung et al.

IL-6 and ICAM-1 Mediate Osteocyte Apoptosis-Induced Osteoclast Precursor Adhesion to Endothelium In Vitro

Session 2: Cellular physical environment

Joanna Kaiser et al.

Calcium fluxes within cortical bone fluid may affect osteocyte mechanosensitivity

Brandon Getsinger et al.

Development and Validation of a Miniature Bending Device for Imaging Loaded  Bone

X. Zhou et al.

Simulation on solute convection in a fiber-filled bone canaliculus with LBM and Monte-Carlo method

Dina Badawy et al.

Bio-composite microfluidic platforms for bone cell mechanobiology study

Session 3: Mechanotransduction and cell-cell communication

Monserratt Lopez et al

Characterization of Mechanotransduction in Osteoblasts

Marjoleine Willems et al.

Fluoride Inhibits the Response of Bone Cells to Mechanical Loading

Jason Li et al.

Osteocytes differentially respond to different oscillatory fluid flow conditions

Chao Liu et al.

Effect of Cyclic Hydraulic Pressure on Osteocytes

Shu Xing et al.

The role of mechanically-induced ATP release in intercellular communications among bone cells: mathematical model