Christina Mei



Phone: (647)-208-0894


Master of Applied Science, 2017 – Current

Bachelor of Applied Science with Honors, University of Toronto, 2012 – 2017


A Microfluidic Platform for Studying the Mechanoregulation of Breast Cancer Bone Metastasis.

Approximately 70% of advanced breast cancer patients experience bone metastasis. Breast cancer cells (BCC) that invade across the endothelium to the bone reduce bone quality by altering normal osteoclast activity. Exercise, a common cancer intervention strategy, can regulate bone remodeling, and thus potentially affect BCC metastasis to bone through mechanotransduction of osteocytes. Our recent in vitro studies showed that mechanically stimulated osteocytes can regulate BCC migration and modify endothelial cells. However, a more physiologically relevant platform is needed to better investigate the mechanisms leading to interactions between BCC and bone microenvironment under mechanical loading. Therefore, my project is to develop a novel in vitro microfluidic tri-culture lumen model for studying mechanical regulation of breast cancer metastasis.