Madeleine Bareau


Tel: 416 835 2818



2014 – Present

MASc., Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto


H.B.Sc. Immunology – Human Biology, University of Toronto


Diabetes is an increasingly prevalent disease around the world. Among many other symptoms suffered by those effected is fragile bones. The underlying cause of this fragility is still unknown. My project aims to investigate the role of osteocytes, mechanosensing bone cells, in the phenomenon. Specifically, I will compare the responses of osteocytes under normal conditions to those under hyperglycemic conditions, the blood condition of diabetic patients. As well, I will explore the influence of diabetic medications, metformin and insulin, have on osteocytic responses under each condition. Because osteocytes are responsible for orchestrating the beneficial bone response to mechanical strain, this project may give new insight into the benefits of exercise for diabetic patients especially those taking metformin and or insulin.