Tong Xu


Influence of Cyclic Hydraulic Pressure (CHP) and Oscillatory Fluid Shear Stress (OFSS) on Osteocytes Apoptosis and Cytoskeleton

Studies have shown that osteocytes are able to sense mechanical stimuli. However, the combination effects of cyclic hydraulic pressure (CHP) and oscillatory fluid shear stress (OFSS) on osteocytes have not been investigated. This project focuses on mimicking physiological predicted CHP and OFSS during physical activity in vitro and studying the corresponding influences on osteocytes apoptosis and cytoskeleton rearrangement. Previous thesis student Lily Lau has completed part of the investigation on apoptosis and actin filaments reorganization. My goal is mainly to verify Lily’s results, complete the data needed and validate microtubules changes.